Here's what I learned TOTALLY by accident. Personal story sells.

The more bold and authentic your voice, the more easily you'll attract those you're meant to work with. You've got to tell it like it is, and be wholly you. Because readers want to know if they can connect with you on an emotional, philosophical, or even spiritual level. They need to know what you fucking stand for, and the stories you choose to tell will allow them to determine that. These are some of my stories. This is my take on life, writing, and reading.

Don’t Make These Book Writing Mistakes

January 26, 2018

There’s nothing that excites me more than seeing a client project come to fruition. It takes a major investment of time and focus to write a good book, the sort that’s not only going to attract clients, but also read beautifully.

Next week, February 6th to be exact, the book will be out for sale. And, just between you, me, and the fly on the hotel wall here, Josh will be making an incredible offer. He’s going to make it super easy for you to get a FREE copy (well, free if you don’t count a small shipping and handling fee. Close enough.)

It would be easy (let me be more accurate, easier) to write a how-to book, or throw a slush pile of concepts onto the page and wave a magic wand over them in an attempt to create some sort of cohesion, like so many business writers often do. But that’s not what Josh chose to do. Instead, Josh wrote a business parable, a novel of sorts that dramatizes the very issues Josh’s clients deal with on a daily basis, the kind of issues he helps them solve when they hire him. And the story is fantastic, if I do say so myself.

(What made the project even more fun is that Josh allowed Summit Press to publish it for him. I got to work with the coolest book designers and editors out there during the production phase. We even hired an artist in Italy to produce the perfect aardvark for the cover. Oh, I could go on and on.)

Josh learned a number of things along the way, as one does when learning the ropes. He’s put together this little video to warn others of the biggest pitfalls he inadvertently discovered. May his mistakes save you time, pain, and grief.

Now, here he is.