Here's what I learned TOTALLY by accident. Personal story sells.

The more bold and authentic your voice, the more easily you'll attract those you're meant to work with. You've got to tell it like it is, and be wholly you. Because readers want to know if they can connect with you on an emotional, philosophical, or even spiritual level. They need to know what you fucking stand for, and the stories you choose to tell will allow them to determine that. These are some of my stories. This is my take on life, writing, and reading.

Essential, The Book

August 28, 2017

I’m often aghast at some of the thumbnail images that come up in Youtube. I know you can change these things, but I like to think it takes real strength of character to put these things up the way they come.

All that being said, you want to pull books off of your self and look to see how they’re constructed. There’s no better tutorial out there.

Essential is an interesting study. For a book composed of blog posts, they’ve gone and eliminated the introduction that ties all the bits together. Normally, I’d say that’s a no-no, but because of the nature of the content–bare minimum, the essentials–the choice actually works.

You can listen in to my assessment by clicking below.